Gameboy Phone Case (for iPhone)


A Must Have Case

Play the Gameboy Case anywhere you want! Whether you're at the airport, on a plane, waiting for an Uber, the Gameboy Case is your perfect retro portable game partner, a must-have companion to kill time and stress.

Loaded With Fun

The Gameboy Case has some classic all time favorites like Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and more.

36 Built In Games

Different from other phone cases on the market, our Gameboy Case has a retro design with 36 built in games

Battery & Charging

Our built in lithium-ion battery takes 1 hour to charge & gives you up to 6 hours of game-play per charge. Includes Micro USB cable for charging.

The Gameboy Case has a removable screen protective film to keep your case's screen scratch free and dust proof.